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Full Version: Zwave / Remove unused devices?
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question for zwave. I have about 6 zwave devices that I do not use as yet that are not powered on. Previously, I did add them to the Zwave network with the Leviton stick and Vizia software, as well as included them in to CQC. Then, I powered them off and put them away. They are portable zwave devices whose location will change depending on when I use them (e.g., christmas lights plugged in to a zwave outdoor plug).

Should I exclude these devices until I am ready to use them? Will having them turned off and not used cause meshing/zwave network issues?
Absolutely, because they are going to be causing lots of problems. You have to keep Z-Wave networks just so. Every unit that is there has to be talked to. If that fails, it causes long timeouts, which backs up other stuff in general and makes a mess of things.
Thank you. I will remove them