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Full Version: SONOS Driver Question
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I just saw an announcement (or an announcement of an announcement) that Plex is going to drop the PC client. That sort of sucks. I just bought a NUC so that I could get a Plex system set back up again for my own use and for development. Not sure if the announcer of announcement was accurate, but it seemed so.
I saw a JRiver post yesterday on how to use JRiver as the renderer for a Plex repository but I can't find the article.

Here is a report of the Plex announcement eith interesting comments:
They will continue support for the media player until 2020:

Quote:At the same time, we recognize there are some exceptions, so we will keep updating Plex Media Player until Jan 30, 2020

The server app will remain.

Quote:Will this eventually replace the plex server app?
No. It is just a one of the many players we make. The server will remain.

Why would any CQC driver development take place against the desktop application and not the PLEX Media Server which can be run on a multitude of platforms (

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-08-23-at-08-01-00.jpg]
Oh, the driver is always talking to the server. It never talks to any clients directly. It deals with clients via the server. It was more an issue of not being able to use the playback device we already have (the PC) and having to use yet another box to do that work.
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