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Full Version: New z-wave
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First go at z-wave!
Now that I've moved to 5.4, want to try out z-wave.  Purchased the Aeotec Gen5 Z-stick, have  connected it to the CQC driver, and manually connected a ZW100-a Aeotec Multi sensor by removing the stick from the usb port and going through the suggested procedure.
Where to go from here?  Put the stick back in usb port and the lights on the stick flashing red blue yellow.  CQC driver connected, InZWNetwork false, NewConfig false.  Not sure how to put stick in replication mode or add top a network.
Do I need external software to complete the process?
You need a master controller. So you need the Lutron Vizia RF software and the Lutron VRUSB stick to act as a master. You use that to manage the network, and you replicate from that to the CQC driver.

There are a set of videos on it:
Did you mean Leviton VRUSB. Can't see Lutron
Sorry, I'm constantly typing Lutron when I mean Leviton.
No probs! Thanks for the help!