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Full Version: MIMOlite Module / Garage Door
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As explained in another thread, I wanted to absolve myself of the myQ cloud-based garage door app and system. To resolve this, I installed a MIMOLite with an Overhead Door Contact, connected to a LiftMaster 893Max remote control.

The MIMOLite is an interface / bridge module, capable of converting a digital or analog voltage input and/or a Z-WaveTM RF message input to a dry contact relay output and/or a Z-WaveTM RF message output. The module provides one relay output. 

I connected a receptacle piggy tail to the innards of the liftmaster which allowed me to use the MIMOLite power brick (red/black wire inside black insulation) with no mods to the MIMOLite. The green/black pair inside of the white insulation runs to the overhead door contact pair of the same color (green/black pair are normally closed).

The additional green/black pair are soldered to the 893Max remote control contact switch and then connected to the MIMOLite's relay output.

With the addition of the GE switch mentioned in my other thread and connecting it to my alarm - soon to be CQC - zwave, I can completely control this door opener.

This set up allows you to see the state of the overhead door contact (open or closed), to open or close the garage door, and to energize or de-energize the door unit itself. Seems like overkill, but I could not find anything else that would allow me to open close garage door, see state of door, and to energize/de-energize door motor unit.

Word of warning. Do not under any circumstances try to solder or modify the Liftmaster 880lm Smart Control Panel which also has a contact switch on it. The unit is extremely sensitive and is prone to electronics and physical damage.

[Image: IMG-1095.jpg]