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Full Version: Deleting Drivers From AI "Add Drivers List"
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I may of been guilty of not doing this the preferred way, and I am thinking it will stay for awhile - I was manually adding a manifest and .Meng2 file, and noticed that when I incremented the version number in the manifest, the new one was added, but the old one remained in the list even though they used the same file name.

Is there any way to rebuild the driver list that the AI "Add Driver" reads, and remove that reference?  Right now I have Driver V1.0, and Driver V1.2 in my list - however the V1.2 is valid, the older version looks to be reading a cache of one of the earlier implementations.  If I try to install V1.0, I get error messages that are not even in the driver .Meng2 now, and not sure why it is even showing up in the list.

I have tried restarting the CQC App Shell, rebooting, and cleaning up all the temporary files, but the Driver 1.0 remains on the list.
There's no formal way to do it. You have to just delete the manifest file from the MS. The next time the MS restarts it won't see it. The files are in:


If you restarted and you still see two, there has to be two different manifest files with different names. Or, one is a shipped system driver and one is a user driver, which makes it possible for both to have the same file name.