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Full Version: Omni arming mode user info
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I would like to create a triggered event when the arm mode on my OmniPro II changes.  I looked through the documentation and searched the forum but couldn't find what I needed.

First, I need to know what to use for the event trigger.   Do I just need to look for a field value change on SEC#Area_A1_ArmMode?

More importantly though, I'm hoping that what comes back will include the name or code for the user who made the alarm mode change.  The Omni event log shows this info, but I don't know if the driver makes it available.

If I missed it somewhere in the documentation I apologize, but can you help?
There isn't a standard trigger for arming mode, so you'll have to set a trigger on the arming mode field and watch for a field value change.

There isn't any info on the user, since that's not part of the change in the arming status being reported. As you mentioned it's part of the log info, but it's not something that we get when the arming mode field change is reported.

We could get the log info, but we don't currently have any good way to report such non-field information, and it couldn't be part of the arming mode field changing. We'd probably have to add a new standard trigger for arming mode change. Not that that wouldn't be useful, but it's a lot of work and would have to wait until after the next release since it would be way too disruptive to do now.

It also raises issues because it would have to be issue from the log events, not in the context of the arming mode actually being reported as changed, which is really where you'd want to do that. Maybe it would be better to create a new 'user security' standard trigger or something, I dunno.
Ok - thanks for the info Dean. I already have a trigger configured for that field. I suspected the user info might not be available, but thanks for confirming.