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Full Version: why master server needs DHCP client running?
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my CQC master server is on  a Windows Server 2008 R2 - it is fairly low power and low memory rig, so I was pocking around to see where can I save a resource in windows...
Given that it is a server, it has statically assigned IP addresses, both for ipv4 and ipv6
I noticed that I had the DHCP client as service running, so went to turn it off since again, with static addresses this is not needed, But then I got a message that the CQC Application Shell and Taskbar Widget will also be stopped since they are dependent on the DHCP client.

Why is this a requirement?
I'm guessing that's some sort of indirect dependency. In order to keep from coming up too quickly, before basic stuff is ready, it adds a dependency to the basic network/local lan related services. I guess DHCP could be removed. The other two are the really important once. I'll do that for the next drop.

However, you will have to remove the CQC service entry and make it recreate it in order to get this change. So stop the service before you upgrade, and delete the two CQC service entries. Then run the installer. That will make it recreate them.

Otherwise, it will only show up on new installs.
Oh, no, wait. that's not true. It does do a 'change configuration' on the service if it already exists, which should update the dependency list. Sorry about that. So you should see the change after upgrading to 5.3.926.
OK, this explains some spurious dhcp requests from this server to the DHCP server, which caused me looking for rootkits, backdoors, and resulted me putting this rig on the no-internet access VLAN...
Yeh, the DHCP client there may be updating from the server. Of course there still is going to be name resolution going on. Whether or not that requires DHCP would depend on your network setup.