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Full Version: Going from Zwave to Lutron, worth it and what to do about the lock?
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I just became a Lutron Pro Installer so I am thinking about swapping out all my Zwave switches for Lutron ones. 
Its not that big of a house, so I will cost about $1700. Is there a real benefit to going with Lutron if the Zwave switches basically work? Also, what to do about the front door lock. I currently have a Schlage that never really behaved properly with Zwave, signals would get lost, etc... Now without any other zwave units, I probably shouldnt keep it. ANy suggestions? It was the deadbolt style with a keypad.

Thank you
To me, I think the difference is that the Lutron ones will continue to work, while the Z-Wave switches may or may not. Not that I think they will physically fail, but Z-Wave just isn't as able to deal with changes in the environment, and it's just easy to mess up the Z-Wave network if you aren't really careful about how you manage ids and associations and such. None of that is an issue with Lutron. Once you set it up, it should just work.

Of course another thing is that, if you were to ever sell, you'd have to pull all that Z-Wave stuff out most likely. The next owner probably won't want it or understand how to maintain it or deal with it failing. The Lutron system, OTOH, will work perfectly well as a standard lighting system, and they can probably find plenty of local installers who understand it if they need help.
Thank you.

Is there anything that we can do with the Lutron switches and CQC that we cant do with the Zwave ones? I know that a few of my switches do not push updates to CQC when they change the status on the switch itself, would that be an issue with Lutron? Anything else do we get more flexibility on with the Lutron switches?

Thank you
All of the Lutron stuff does async reporting. I don't think there's necessarily anything more flexible with the Lutron, just more robust and less likely to get diffused over time.
Which series of Lutron switches do you recommend? (ie Caseta, RA2)
Other things being equal, if you can afford RA2 go that way. It has a considerably larger capacity, and it's their big-boy retro-fit solution so you know it should be well supported for a long time. But you also may have to consider what modules are supported by which.
I did this swap a couple of years ago. Had Leviton Vizia RF+ and while they were 99 percent rock solid on activating when sent commands their status updates were not very robust and it drove me crazy. I had almost 30 devices including a Yale Lock. I noticed lots of lag using the Vizia RF+ interface it was really slow so switched over to RadioRa2 and it is perfect. Pricey but perfect. Still have the lock and a couple of zwave outlets since for some reason Lutron does not make any Radio Ra2 outlets.

My only complaint is that as a homeowner and not a pro like ghurty I can't get the Inclusive software only the essential software. I would be willing to take the training but there never is any training near me that is convenient. There are a few cool items that only work with the inclusive software.