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Full Version: Can't find a rule/trigger
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I coded CQC to toggle a light whenever the F6 button is pressed on one of my Elk keypads. But, and yes this is embarrassing but not one of the top 100 stupid things I've done, I can't find where it would be.

There's no triggered event for it. I've scoured my list. Where else could I have set up an automated action like this?
That would cause the Elk driver to send out a button press trigger. So it should be one of your triggered events that you have set up to respond to that trigger.
Is there any location other than a triggered event that could have CQC turn the light on on a button press? I'm looking again now, i'll be damned if I can find it.
Well, I guess you could have done it purely within the Elk, right?
In ElkRP? I never linked within Elk to CQC.

This is going to drive me nuts. I clearly remember coding it, it clearly works fine since I press F6 and the back yard light goes on, but i'll be damned if I can find it.
That's how good CQC is. I guess you could have done a triggered event inside a template, but that wouldn't be an appropriate place for that sort of thing. That template would have to be running for it to happen, so that would clearly limit the possibilities.

On the inside the Elk thing, I was just thinking that, if the Elk has access to the lights as well, maybe you did the rule within the Elk itself.