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Full Version: Webriva for dummies
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Despite my search efforts, I havenÔÇÖt found a basic ÔÇÿhow toÔÇÖ for webriva. I recently did a clean install, and even bought the ctc iOS app. Is there a beginners how to for setting up the web server and defining default pages etc?
You don't need the iOS app, that's old and not used anymore.

WebRIVA just uses your regular CQC IV templates, so you don't need to set up anything special for them.

For the docs, look under the Tools section. Everything actually related to the actual operating of the various programs is in there. There's a section for WebRIVA. You just invoke a specific URL, and provide username/password for a user that has a default template assigned. Typically you'd use a Limited user account for such clients.
Ok, then I just need to find where to assign default templates for users. I remember that part, but that was ore 5. IÔÇÖll take a look in an hour or so.

Thanks Dean
You do it in the user account configuration. So create a new Limited user if you haven't, and select the default template you want him to load. That's all that the WebRIVA client can do. You can't select a template or anything.