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Full Version: Know any mini-PCs, <50W, for a MS
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My MS is a VM, which can't access the USB port to run the Aeotec. My damn $200 mini-ITX can't run CQC as a master server. And it apparently has issues being a secondary server. I need to run the Aeotec for zWave, so I need a new MS.

But...I also want to put it in a location where I have very limited room. As in, I'd rather not have it physically be bigger than 7ish x 7ish x 1-2 inches. No mini towers.
And, I live in NorCal where power is expensive, so ideally <50W. I *could* go to 65W I guess but that seems a lot.

Struggling to find anything. I'd give up the power but it'll be hard to give up the size.

Used equipment is fine, i'd buy a new SSD since that's the most at-risk component.

Anyone know of anything? No desire to spend more than $500 as that seems crazy.
You might take a look at the HP thin clients.  I have 4 and use 3 with CQC:

I have two HP T510's (8" x 8" x 2", and older technology) and use one as an IV on my touchscreen in the Kitchen.  I have another I used to use as my RDP server, but I have since put it out to pasture as a backup machine since we now have WebRIVA.  I haven't done this, but I think you can retrofit this model with a hard drive based on some youtube videos.  I use Windows 7 Embedded on them installed on a flash drive, and it is a pain in the a$$ to set them up, but what is nice is that they are setup, it runs in memory with limited access to the flash drive (EWF technology).

I also have two HP T610's (10" x 10" x 1.5").  Both of these I have replaced the flash drive with a hard drive and installed Windows 10 Pro on them (They have esata ports inside to install the drive).  I do use CQC on one of them (IV, Admin Tools).  I would see no reason why you couldn't use it as a MS.

All of these I got on ebay on the cheap - probably less than $50 bucks each.

They have newer models out that may have more processing power, etc.   I am using a 12 year old Dell Optiplex 745 as my Master Server, and until it dies, I am not thinking about changing.
I saw those, but the models confused me. Also after this experience with Win10embedded on the Minix, I'd rather get a full windows install for the MS.

I'll check out the T610's. It's slightly bigger than I had hoped but at 1.5" thick, not by much.
(1) why can't you access your USB via your VM? ESX supports this, and I run a similar config. (2) what is the reason for wanting to move the MS? is it because you are trying to locate the z-stick in a better location?

If (2), why not check out a USB over IP device? I have a Digi AnywhereUSB in my hand right now and it works great.
I use a Asus mini UN65.. I picked it up real cheap at frys when the newer model came out. It is a i5 about the size of a small stack of CDs. No fans, so it is dead quiet. You supply ram, and a MSata card.
I think FRys open box or other sale might be the ticket. Now just to shlep out there. Maybe tomorrow daytime.
You never need an excuse to go to Fryes.
Hmm. For $130 there's an HP 8000 Elite. Pentium E7500, 4GB of RAM. Think that'll be strong enough for an MS?
(12-05-2018, 11:06 PM)IVB Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm. For $130 there's an HP 8000 Elite. Pentium E7500, 4GB of RAM. Think that'll be strong enough for an MS?

I am running my 11+ year old computer on a Intel Core Duo 6400 at 2.13 GHz and 4 GB of ram.  I also run the MS SQL Server 2012 on it that collects about 30 data points, and a few of the data points are each minute.  I think you will be fine with that one.
The NUCs are much smaller if space is a concern. They also have no fans so they are silent.
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