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Full Version: CML Driver IDE [copy/paste] does not work
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Not sure what is wrong maybe on my end, I am connected to my CQC server via remote desktop and using the CML driver IDE.
The editor does not seem to support copy/paste via keyboard keys CTRL+C and CTRL+V
I get some symbols instead like ETX and SYN in reversed fonts.
The undo also doesn't work I get SUB as a symbol.
Copy/paste works via mouse right click and selecting the appropriate command.
This is on CQC 5.3.0

See pic as example...

Very frustrating as I keep forgetting it and if I do a CTRL+C on a selection, it gets deleted and no way getting it back other than retyping...
That's already been fixed in 5.3.1. It was due to the fact the the Scintilla editor engine (one of the handful of third party bits we use) doesn't deal with that, so I had to take over that functionality myself.
thanks, I missed this, and would have sworn that I was on the latest...
upgrading now