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Full Version: ISY994i
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Yesterday before importing a ton of images from my old setup my ISY was working fine. Today I added some more buttons with ISY commands, and changed the names of the ISY devices in the ISY994i because they were to long to read in the device windows. When I did this I started getting errors almost every time. I deleted the drive in CQC, and reinstalled it, I loaded all the correct driver fields again after deleting the wrong links due to the renaming. Could a button that is not being used be causing a problem that still has the old driver commands in it? I am wondering if I need a bigger CPU? I cannot remember if my ASUS has a i3 or a i5, but I thought it would be enough. I am also wondering if maybe their is a more efficient way to do what I want to do. I am trying to send a  command to 11 channels via 9 individual Insteon Outdoor outlets to turn on and off the outlets depending on whether or not they need to be on or off for the particular mode. An example is if I was listening to a 5 channel music track, and decided I wanted to listen to a stereo one I am having the off signal to ever channel except the left and right front channels which I am sending the on signal to. Is it ok to send the on command to a device that is already on or is there a better more efficient way to do this? I am still a novice since I have not done this in years, and have most likely forgotten whatever i had learned. I think I can pick it up fast if I have an example to go by though (hopefully).
I deleted the driver 1 more time, and reinstalled it, and of course it works again...still not sure if the way i have it is the best way to do it. Any suggestions appreciated.
No button is going to cause the driver to not work. And doubtful it's anything to do with CPU, unless you see the CPU pegged in the task list. If the CPU is high, sort the task list by CPU usage and see what is using it.

Also, generally speaking, you don't need to remove and re-add a driver. Just right click on and select the Reconfigure option to go back through the configuration of the driver, if you need to change any options. If you change the ISY setup, you might have to reconfigure the driver to make it pick up those changes.

There shouldn't be any issue with sending an on command to something that is on. It will just get ignored since the driver sees that field is already in the requested state.
BTW, if you right click on the template background there is a search and replace that will allow you to update widgets and their content in various ways, including replacing field names or moniker names and such.

The current help content has been updated since the last release, so there's more on this in your local help. If you expand /Help/Docs and double click Help Home that will bring up the local documentation. Then go to:

/Tools/Admin Interface/Customize/Interfaces/Popup Menu

That has info about the popup menu options, including search and replace.
Man things have changed so much for the better!
I see that the ISY is now at 5.0.13D(Beta).  I was avoiding upgrading until it got out of alpha, which I guess happened around July of last year.  Is anyone running any version of 5.0 and greater, who can testify that it's working fine?

Sorry.  Latest is 5.015A(Beta) apparently.

(05-04-2019, 01:09 PM)xlurkr Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry.  Latest is 5.015A(Beta) apparently.


I am apparently living in the past - 4.7.3, what am I missing?