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Full Version: master server crash
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After having my master server crash, I got every loaded on new machine, Using my backup file. My original password doesn't work now, is it possible to set a new one?

Thanks Tom
Did you change it since you made that backup? If not, then it should be whatever it was before. Are you getting the trial mode popup? If so, is it saying 0 days? If so, then that would be problem, you can't log in if the trial mode period is expired.

Another common scenario is that you didn't actually update the stuff you restored but you installed a new copy. In that case, it will be the default of Admin/Welcome, so try that. If that works, see if any of your content is present. If not, then you didn't actually upgrade the restored copy and you'l want to try that again.
Admin/Welcome worked, I don't have any info. will try it again.
How can I tell if my backup has the info in it?
If you look in the CQCData\DataServer area. There are sections there for interfaces, macros, events, etc... Under each of those are System and User sections. Your stuff should be in the User sections. If you see your files in there, then it's there.

Make sure you put the info in the right place. Stop the CQC services and rename the CQC directory to, say, CQCSave. Then create a new CQC directory. Copy the backup directory contents (not the directory itself) to that CQC directory. You should see Bin and CQCData directories underneath the new CQC directory. And there should be a version install file there.

Then run the installer (probably best to run it for the version you are restoring, which is in the directory name) and tell it you want to upgrade an existing system, and then navigate to that version install file and select it. Unclick the 'use previous settings' check box and step through the pages. If you see your previous settings, then you should be OK.

Then you can go back and run the latest version installer to get it up to date.
I decided to start over fresh, since most of my equipment was out dated. just need help with setting up the repo.
What repo are we talking about?
CQC music, I forget how to point it to the file
YOu should use a shared directory. So set up a shared directory with appropriate access rights (read/write/create are required) and when you install the driver, point it at that directory. You can limit those rights to the account you set up the CQC service to run in on the machine where the media repo driver is loaded if you want. And just provide read only access to everyone.

Kind in mind that sharing rights don't override local operating system rights. You have to set both. Local rights will win if there's any conflict.