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Full Version: A Big Thanks on my 1000th Forum Message
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I decided that on my 1000th message to the forum to let everyone know how much fun I have had since 05-28-2007 configuring my system using CQC.  At the time, I was preparing to build a new house and knew that I wanted to do something "Smart" before "Smart" was cool.  What is hard to believe is that it is over 11 years later, and I still enjoy adding new things to the system.  The learning curve was steep at first, and I barely even touch all of what CQC can do, but I have been able to make a truly automated home for most of the things in my house.

I want to personally thank Dean and the people on this forum for the unbelievable support that has been given.  In my opinion, it is one of the most powerful systems out there.  The forum has been fantastic and unbelievably helpful, and I enjoyed the Webinars, of which I would like to see more.

I am now up to 22 different devices I control along with weather/radar, graphs, video cameras, database collection, and Amazon Echo voice control, plus it can all be done from anywhere in the world.

One of these days, when I finish building my interfaces and adding new devices Smile , I want to update the User Systems section, with what I have done.

Thanks again everyone, and especially Dean!

You should make a video when you get it done, and we can put it on the Youtube channel.