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Full Version: What cool HA projects/configuration can I work on with my current configuration?
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I was just playing around to get a better feeling of how it works. Maybe I can use it to send values via email
I did now try the temp and while it looks like it should work, it isnt
My config

My action

When I say the command "tell jasrvis to set cool to 76"
I see it passes on the proper phrase and the proper value.
But I get an error of cannot convert the passed value to a for legal for field Nest.THERM#Hallway~HighSetPnt

But 76 would be a legal value. Which is strange.

Thank you
It's because you got 'seventy six' as the value, not 76. In order to have generic utterances, they have to all be text. You can have numbers but only in an utterance that specifically indicates it takes a number. Since we need to share utterances amongst various types of incoming data, we can't do that.

Search for Num2Num here on the forum. I wrote a macro called that which will take a written out number and give you back the actual numerical value. You can call that macro from an action and get the numerical value back in a local variable and use that to set the temp.
Just to clarify, I am not verbally speaking these. I am testing it in the simulator and I am pasting "tell jarvis to set cool to 76" in the log I am getting
"CQCWebSrvC, CQCWebSrvC_EchoHandler.cpp.813, Status/App Status
Key=XXXX, Intent=CQCSetToIntent, Phrase=cool, Value=76"

Thank you
Can you open up the driver monitor tab for the nest driver and write 76 to the high set point field manually?
Yes I can.

Thank you
Here is the strangest thing. I edited the script because I wanted to work on the Num2Num, and even the I disabled the Num2Num line, it works now, so all is good on that part.
As far as Num2Num, I imported it, and I went to command and set macro to run to be it. What would I put in the parameters in this case?

Thank you
I don't remember right off hand, but the thread where I posted it should document what it wants.
From what I read on the other thread, you would have something like this: ""one hundred fifty two", "GVar:Result", L"GVar:ErrMsg""
I tried that and it doesnt work
Thank you
Presumably the extra quotes on the ends are not actually in the value passed? You can test it out by just running the macro directly if you feel comfortable running CML. Right click the macro and select to edit it. That will open a CML debugger tab. The Start() method is where it will enter. That will also indicate what the parameters are. I'd look at it but I'm not in a position right at the moment. I can do that later.
Here is what I found when I edited the macro.
Method Start([In] String ToCvt, [Out] String OutVal, [Out] String ErrMsg) Returns Int4

Re the quotes, I had first tried without them and they didnt work either.

Thank you
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