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Full Version: Raise / Lower Shades in Lutron RadioRa2
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I am running the RadioRa2-IP-V2 3.6 driver and I am trying to get my shading set up
I am good on simulating a button press or controlling an individual shade.  

I am having difficulty with raise / lower.  This is what I have so far.

    P2=ButtonSim : SHADE_SCENE_AllRaise, Press

On the pico remote I press and hold to have it raise or lower and then it stops on release
When I do the ButtonSim above it will raise to 100 or lower to 0.  I dont know how to stop it where i would like to.
You would have to send a Release to stop it. So change Press to Release.

On the user action event, the type of button event is ButtonPress, ButtonHold, and ButtonMTap. So presumably you would start it on ButtonPress, but I don't know how you would use the ButtonHold event. Maybe you would start it on ButtonHold and you will get a button press when it's released?

Bring up the trigger monitor (/System/Monitor/Event Triggers). Right click to clear it so you can be sure what you are seeing. Press and hold the pico button, then release it. See what types of events show up. I'm guessing you get a press, then a hold, after that I'm not sure.

Or, maybe it waits before reporting and just sends a hold first if you are holding it. If that's true, you could use press for one thing and hold for another. But, I don't know how you would know it's been released. But let's see what shows up when you do that.

Also I guess try a quick press/release. and see what what you get.
I get "evtype=ButtonPress" if I Press, Hold or Double Tap the Pico:

TIME: 01:38:41

So I used Release as you suggested and it worked as a stop.  I will have buttons for raise and lower and ONE button for stop.  Interestingly the Raise release will also stop the lower so I only need one button for stop.

Thanks Dean!
Hmmm... You may have to do some setup in the RA2 software for it to report those other events, or maybe the Picos don't report them.