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Full Version: What device model to put for a Jasco/GE switch? And a questions about V1/V2/V3.
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So I have a VRC0P with V2 driver. What device model should I put for the Jasco/GE switch?

Also, I know this has been answered before, but it looks like it was before the forum was redone as I cant find the answer. I remember there was a reason why I purchased tow VRC0Ps one for a V1 and the other for a V2. What was the benefit of a V1 driver? And does that still apply?

What should we use the V3 Driver for? I have the USB controller, would that work with it? Any limitations?

Thank you
I think you had some units that didn't support associations and so had to be polled in order to get status. The new drivers don't poll, they only provide feedback for stuff that supports associations and sends out changes when they happen. So I'm guessing you were running the V1 driver for those.

The V3 driver is significantly superior to the VRC0P one. It also doesn't poll though. But it's a native Z-Stick type driver, so it has access to more information and can be a lot faster, and it is very much re-organized to better deal with the weirdness of Z-Wave so it can handle a lot wider range of modules that are off the beaten track.

It requires a relatively new USB Stick. The only one known to work right now is the Aeotec Gen 5 stick. We still are a secondary controller, not a primary. So you still need a primary controller. The Vizia RF software and their Vizia stick makes for a good primary controller.

For GE/Jasco switch you'd want to use the generic write only switch or dimmer (depending whether it's a dimmer or switch unit.)