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I am pleased to announce that there is now an app on the iOS App store for CQC WebRiva.  CTC CQC

This was written by someone I reached out to after he wrote a similar app for a C-Bus lighting system (He also makes some really really nice in wall iPad mounts that match Clipsal C-Bus Saturn switches).

This app will go full screen and has options to turn on caching, no pixel etc in settings - so no more URL mangling or testing.

You can also put in teh LAN address and WAN address (and ports) seperatly so no more different icons on the home screen.

Please give it a go and give me any feed back and I will forward it to him.  Alternatively you can contact him directly using the email he has included in the help page.

[Image: Icon-60@3x.png]


[Image: app_store.png]


[Image: app_store.png]


I have been using this overnight and its been pretty good so far. Being able to turn the cache on and off easily is a big plus when testing new graphics.

The only caveat that I can find is that it needs iOS 11.2 , so this makes all those older iPads unsuitable. I have contacted the author to see if that can be changed so that older iOS devices still up to the tast can have the app installed.
Does your developer cross develop to Android?
Not bad. Any chance of getting location tracking?
That would be better added to WebRIVA, so that you can access that info in your CQC actions. I have it on the list to look at. The support is there on the back end. The actual WebRIVA javascript just needs to support the location API.
Does that include in the background?
Just been informed that the app has been updated to support earlier versions of iOS (10.2+). This will allow it to run on older hardware that may be left spare due to age.

I have also asked about android and while he has not done anything in that eco system yet he is willing to have a look and see what can be done.
(02-06-2018, 05:12 PM)potts.mike Wrote: [ -> ]Does that include in the background?

You mean the geo-location stuff? It may or may not, depending on browser. I think I just register for notifications. I'm not sure if I stop getting them if I'm in the background or not. But, if you are running it inside a native application that probably doesn't matter. If the native application could get them, presumably an embedded browser instance in that native application could as well, since it's not really running in a browser anymore.

At least I assume that's how this application works right? It just creates an embedded browser window instance that it makes its screen content? If so, I'm guessing that the usual rules of browser activity don't apply to WebRIVA running inside of that.

Of course the native app itself may not stay sufficiently awake to get them either, in which case WebRIVA running inside it wouldn't either.
(02-06-2018, 06:28 PM)znelbok Wrote: [ -> ]I have also asked about android and while he has not done anything in that eco system yet he is willing to have a look and see what can be done.

Great, thanks!
In terms of the other, more run of the mill stuff, is this program working for you guys?
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