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Full Version: unclear errors (and tons)
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Doing some maintenance in both drivers & triggers. Not sure what I did, but now getting this probably once per 5 seconds. What did I do?

[Image: scLjpKc.png]
Get a log dump so I can see where it's really coming from. I'm guessing it's not from CQC but from a device or service and CQC is just passing it on.
okay that's weird, just went to grab it and it's no longer there. Tons of other weird errors though. Check it out.
There are some like this:

Invalid device category 'EDevCat_Miscellaneous in manifest. Make/Model=SageTV LLC/SageTV Player(Development)

which are just warnings. These are probably older, third party drivers that have the old format for device categories in the driver manifest, so they aren't understood. They just get set to miscellaneous. It's not hurting anything per se, but could be fixed.

There were a couple socket errors trying to connect to a Sonos, but they appear to have been just initial startup quirks that were not repeated.

A couple were from a WebRIVA client probably dropping the connection somewhat ungracefully, so the web server timed out and dropped that connection.

01/20 17:25:06-HA-VM, CQCWebSrv, CQCWebSrvWorkerThread1
    CIDSChan, CIDSChan_SChan.cpp.1435, Failed/Timeout, Error: 5013/0/0
    Received no data from other side. Name=Secure Server Data Source
      <CQCWebSrv> CIDSChan_SChan.cpp - 815

Some are from the event server starting to try to run events before all the drivers are up and running, so it's not finding the fields for a while. Those went away after the system was up and running, but that's most of them.

01/20 17:36:55-HA-VM, CQCServer, CQCDrv_EchoHueSimThread21
    CQCKit, MEng.System.CQC.Runtime.CQCLogger.143, Status/App Status
    LoadConfig: Error - Could not find field: Lighting.LGHT#Sw_MBR-Closet
01/20 17:36:55-HA-VM, CQCServer, CQCDrv_EchoHueSimThread21
    CQCKit, CQCKit_ThisFacility.cpp.3389, Failed/Not Found, Error: 6006/0/0
    Driver 'Lighting' does not seem to be loaded at this time
at some point a "search within all action dialog boxes" would be great. I have no idea where that SageTV command could be, will start looking.
I know where that one comes from. The manifest data is really old and has some data in it from ancient times, which isn't quite right anymore. I wouldn't worry about it particularly. It just means that some of the drivers (there are four or five of them) get marked as miscellaneous device types instead of what they really are. It would only matter in something that searched for particular types of devices. I guess the driver install dialog is maybe the only place currently where that happens, i.e. if you tried to find it by it's actually type, it wouldn't be there it would be under Miscellaneous.
If there's any way you can make the logging clearer so I know the location, it would be great. I just found some more errors in the log related to drivers I no longer have, but i'm not sure where i'm calling them.

[Image: CpwEIpYh.png]
It can be difficult to know where they are coming from. Really, ever place that tries to read/write a field would have to log something, which could get messy. Generally speaking it's mostly dealt with by the fact that the intf editor these days shows you lots of such errors in the error list, and you can find them that way. But, for something like this, bringing back to life a lot of old stuff, that would require going through them all and checking them. Though that wouldn't be a bad thing, run through them and pass attention to the errors displayed.

It can't always catch them of course, since some are dynamically created, i.e. variables and such are used to build up the names of things, so the actual name isn't available at editing time.

I'll put it on the list to try to find some strategic places to log things. And actually some is already there, but not normally done because it's not THAT unusual for these things to happen, and if lots of stuff is being logged related to that it can generate a lot of output. But I'll look at it.

BTW, in that case, you can see the process is the web server. Unless you ahve written custom CML content being invoked on the web server, that almost certainly means WebRIVA, which means templates. So that slightly cuts it down. Other of course is to just bring up the log monitor program, which shows the logs live, and then bring up the IV and start interacting. When you do something and it generates errors, that's something to look at.