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Full Version: String list in actions
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I am using the HTTP Get driver for action and using the option of passing in parameters in the url to take actions based on values.


The above will give me an action parameter 2 of <string1> <string2> <string3> - a string list of sorts.

How do I extract the strings into separate variables using the commands available for local variables in the action interface?

GetSubStr is an option, but the size of each of the strings will vary so I would need to dynamically assign the start index and length for the command.

Not sure how to do this
Use GetNthToken to break out the values.
Thanks, GetNthToken is not listed in the help docs - another one to add to the list.
It's an action command so it's documented under the /Reference/Actions section. It's under the System target. BTW, if you select an action in the action editor and hit F1, it'll take you to the documentation for that action.