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Full Version: Official 5.3 Beta Discussion Thread
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Attached is a longer trace file from when I did the include/exclude (replicate) function.
Trying to edit a trigger action. When I add a new command (or make any edits) there is no way to save, if I exit I get a dialog asking Are you sure you want to exit. I did resize the edit window. Everything at the bottom is missing after exiting edit and going back in after first edit.

If I exit Admin Interface and go back in the bottom is back to being there.

Can confirm that first time in after resize, okay, after exit back in then bottom is missing. 100% repeatable.

Steps to replicate:

1) Resize edit window
2) Edit action, save
3) Exit action dialog
4) Enter edit action, bottom gone
Also, why do we have to save at the Trigger Event tab level if we've already saved at the action level? If I save at the action edit level then it should carry through, yes?
No that doesn't carry through. If that were true you could never make any change without it being saved. It's no different than if you pop up a dialog in, say, a text editor, to make a change to something. When you save that, you don't save the file, you just save the one change you made back to the in-memory copy of the file being edited. It would be like, if you changed a style, it automatically saved the file when you committed to the style change. Nothing works like that. If the action were the only thing involved, that would be somewhat different, but the title is editable as well, and other stuff might be later.

As to the trigger action, do you mean a triggered event? Or an action in a trigger driver? If the latter, which one?
(07-05-2018, 07:28 AM)batwater Wrote: [ -> ]Attached is a longer trace file from when I did the include/exclude (replicate) function.

Presumably that's the one that worked? It all looks fine. If you can catch one that fails, we can see why. Be sure to reset the trace before you try each one, so that we get a clean trace and can be sure that it's just for the failed event.
Version 5.3 is now released, so this thread is closed and a new one will be opened for 5.4.