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Full Version: Official 5.3 Beta Discussion Thread
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That means what it says. The client service is not running. It should always be running on any CQC enabled machine. Check the services. It should be set to auto start and be running. If not, set it to auto start and start it and that should go away.

Since the admin interface can't directly access the Program Files area, it asks the client service to do it for him. If the client service isn't there, you will get this error.

If the client service is there and running, and you are having issues contacting other systems, and you are on Windows 10 1803 or beyond, then you may be getting bitten by the name resolution error introduced in the spring updates. You can get around this for now (until Microsoft fixes this) by adding other machines to the hosts file (which means that they must of course have fixed addresses.)
I tried adding everything to my hosts file, still getting it.

How does the CQC MS connect to 2ndary servers? IE, on my CQC Master Server, i'm seeing all red fields for a slave server. I haven't needed a 2ndary server in a while, so I don't know if this is a new thing or old thing. That's the problem i'm trying to actually solve.

Um, nvm on Question 2 (CQC MS). I just added to my MS hosts file, now fields are black, not red.
Has the name of the server changed compared to the configured name in CQC? If so, right click on the server in the Device section of the Admin Intf and select Change Server and select the correct server name.

BTW, the hosts file thing needs to be done on each machine that connects to others, not just the master.
Oops, we stepped on each other there. OK, so apparently you are suffering from the name resolution thing.
have i mentioned how much i hate microsoft? I can't get this to go away on my laptop, fields still red, but when I RDP into the MS it's fine.

Nothing for you to do here, just **#*B*_)#!~ I hate networking problems like this, esp due to a freaking bug.
So running the client on the laptop the fields are red? Are the drivers themselves showing red and not in connected state? If so, that's the drivers themselves not being able to talk to their devices, nothing to do with computer to computer connectivity.
Actually I guess I shouldn't say that categorically. If you can see the drivers happy on the MS, then I guess they could be red on the laptop due to inability to connect to the drivers.

On the laptop, open the CQC Command Prompt and do:

CQCNetTest > NT.Txt

and post the Nt.Txt file. That will tell us if there are connectivity issues from the laptop itself.
I can see fields in black on both 2ndary server & MS, but in red on the laptop. On the 2ndary server and MS in the zWave client interface the options button works.

NT.txt zip attached
random testing, more oddness, this isn't a CQC issue, it's a network problem.

I can't ping my 2ndary server via either IP or name from the MS. Not sure why.
You have it in the hosts file on the MS? One way to know if it's the 1803 thing is to try the ping using different case scenarios. So try it all lower case, all upper case, or mixed case like the actual name. If one of them works and the others don't, that's a sign of the problem. If so you should be able to put the secondary in the MS's hosts file. You may need to restart after doing that, to make sure everyone sees those hosts file entries.