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Full Version: Official 5.3 Beta Discussion Thread
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The deed is done. I may not wake up tomorrow, but the results are vastly better. It's such a more productive, well arranged setup now. And orders of magnitude neater, which makes me feel better for whatever reason.
Version 5.2.923 is posted. This is the first formal release candidate. Unless someone finds something bad (highly unlikely at this point) or annoying but safe to fix, this is going to be it. So it would be nice to get some folks upgraded to this for daily usage.
Just upgraded and it looks good. I am investigating some zwave devices going offline after a week or two(odd it was only a few devices that stopped working). Only way to fix was to do a stop/start client service and app shell service from tray mon. Will give the latest Beta a good weeks run and then report back.
You should never have to restart the services. What that ultimately did was restart the driver, which is what you really wanted to do (though that of course shouldn't be required either.) If you get that state with any units, let's get some trace info on them to see what is going on so let me know and what type of unit it is and I can tell you what to do.

If you were on anything before the previous drop (922), then a lot of improvements were made in 922 and it may not happen again. But let's see.
Sorry for the dumb question, finally have a window to do zwave. I need to use the vrusb as primary, add the aeotec as secondary and replicate, then connect the CQC driver right?
No, the driver will do the work of adding the Aeotec. Check these videos for examples:

If the Aeotec is already in the network, reset it to defaults. Put something in the little hole on the side and hold it as the lights blink faster and then finally go solid. Then start with the above videos.
I swear I can go through a whole scenario for a video multiple times to make sure I have it right before starting, then I'll get almost through the video (maximum time wastage) and find a bug. It seems to happen every time. I mean that's good in a way, since it finds the bugs, but it would be nice not to find one after having wasted a bunch of effort on making a video. Maybe I can do a 'behind the scenes' series or something.
i've done the same thing when recording vlogs. I'll start explaining it, then realize i've done it in a very dumb way, and have to redo it before recording the video so as not to expose still yet even more stupidity. Cuz otherwise gawd knows at least 3 of you would immediately respond with "um dumbass...."
I found yet some more issues with the keeping things up to date when widgets are changed. I hadn't dealt with the template itself, so changing it wouldn't always get the attribute editor updated. And I fixed the long running issue where if you change the size of the template smaller via the attribute editor, it doesn't correctly redraw to get rid of the now unused parts of the old template area. And there were a couple other small things.

Ultimately it turned out my complaining above was just pilot error anyway. I was working on a video to show how to add custom overlays/tiles to the auto-gen stuff. But it kept getting an error when I tried to generate. It was because I had pointed the auto-gen to a scope too high. So it was cleaning out the previous auto-gen output, and deleting my custom content. Doh!

So I'll get that video finished up tomorrow. I couldn't do it tonight since it's saturday, so race night at the nearby track. And also I guess saturday night before July 4th so a lot of loud cars and such screaming about.
Experiencing weird issues contacting CQC Server from other machines, before I describe them, i'm also getting this. Wondering if I did something which is borking something else which is hassling me. Any ideas?

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