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Full Version: Official 5.3 Beta Discussion Thread
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Of course if I get the driver adopted to use the VRC0P, and it STILL can't talk to the locks I'm going to shoot something.
(11-07-2017, 05:43 PM)Dean Roddey Wrote: [ -> ]Of course if I get the driver adopted to use the VRC0P, and it STILL can't talk to the locks I'm going to shoot something.

Dean, We feel your pain...  "Without a struggle, there can be no progress."

A few of us have the Z-stick gen5 and Zwave locks. Any use to add to next beta and have a few of us test? or come up with a test program. Maybe if we can find a lock that works 100% of the time it will give a clue on what is going on?

Getting onto a modern Z-wave controller seems to be a high priority.
i wouldn't waste anymore energy into the VRC0P since Leviton has completely abandoned the RF+ line (new stuff is called their 'Decora' line). if you want zwave support, i think its gotta be the zstick or nothing -

it's worth pointing out that everyone else has locks working with the stick (homeseer, indigo, home assistant, openhab), so something else must be going on.
Obviously something else is going on, but I've spent weeks and made zero progress on this one problem and no resolution is in sight. This is coming at the cost of very useful other things that I could have done with that time (and with the still remaining weeks I might spend trying to figure it out.)
I went back to OZW with this new lock and it also cannot talk to this device and it's the same sort of scenario as I saw with the previous lock, both with my stuff and OZW. Non-secure commands work and secure commands don't. It responds to the request for a nonce, that's used to encrypt the msg, but no response comes back. So the first secure command it sends, to get the list of command classes that the lock securely supports, doesn't get any reply. At that point OZW gives up and just adds it non-securely, because the spec says that if a device doesn't respond to this command it shouldn't be talked to securely.

I've factory reset the lock and Z-Stick a few times to make sure and it's always the same.

In this scenario there's nothing but OZW, the Z-Stick, and the lock involved, nothing else. The only common bit is the Z-Stick I guess. That's two locks, two different pieces of software but the same Z-Stick.

I wonder if OZW can use the Leviton stick? It does support USB-HID type controllers, so maybe it does. That would be a useful sanity check. Oh well, a quick check seems to indicate not. I guess my only option now is to buy another Z-Stick and get rid of the one common piece of the puzzle. Of course, if it still acts the same, I will be running out of options.
Dean, Again do you want to put together a little test app or beta CQC for a few of us to help diagnose? As you know, could be anything from firmware versions to radio interference. I think it would be helpful if one of our test setups works 100% then back track.
It would be really difficult to do a test program. There's a lot involved and you have to either be over that hump or nothing at all really, at least wrt to what we are talking about doing here.
I just was wondering if maybe it's a USB power thing. There are a number of USB devices plugged into this machine. I wonder if it's struggling for enough power. I should probably hit Wally World and grab a little powered USB hub and try that to make sure that's not it. I thought I had one from back when but the usual sweat and ire inducing search through the many boxes turned up nothing.
While I'm stalled on the Z-Wave thing, waiting for tomorrow to get a powered USB hub and if that doesn't work to order a second Z-Stick as a sanity check, I was working on getting back a client side driver for the RA2/Caseta/HWQS driver. We used to have one, but getting all of the client drivers converted during the 5.x work was too much so some got dropped temporarily, if there was another way to do them and that one has a text file that could be edited.

But, RA2/Caseta are ones that we'd obviously like to support well since they are solid systems and likely to be used in professional installs from the lower to I guess mid-range end. And, it's easier to do these types of configuration clients now as well, and make them much simpler and nicer, since we have the multi-column list box stuff and in-place editing. So I won't just port the old one but do a nice new one that can serve as a template for others of that type moving forward.
Have you seen this Dean?

IÔÇÖve seen a number of references to secure inclusion not working through indirect linking through the mesh and distance between devices during inclusion being critical (presumably due to hops being involved, or maybe the sensitivity to time outs).