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Full Version: Official 5.3 Beta Discussion Thread
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(05-14-2018, 03:32 PM)Dean Roddey Wrote: [ -> ]OK, it might be an hour or so before I get back. I need to get some food and take care of a couple things. I'll post when I'm back. Of course go ahead and try it yourself after you restart. It may just be all happy by then.

OK, Makes no sense but will try to explain what I am seeing.
After windows update( a big one). Same symptom.

When I start up Z-stick driver lights on stick  turn off after a few second
If I pause the driver lights are still off.
If I try IMATools( you can tell it what serial port to use). it cannot open the serial port.
If I unplug and re-plug the Z-stick it is back to normal and IMATools can open the serial port.

So looks like when the CQC driver starts up it puts the Z-stick in a strange state that only way to recover is unplug/replug usb stick and get back to YRG colors again.
I have unpluged/repluged the stick so you should be able to get into it now. My guess is it will allow you to open the serial port one time. Do some kind of reset. Then you will not be able to open it again until I unplug/replug the stick.
A lot of variables here. Any way to just start up the previous version of the driver Without back-revving the entire CQC server?
Might help pinpoint if I have a server/stick issue or it is indeed the driver.
If it has the same symptom then it must be something I did(installed IMATools, Z-Stick is messed up and needs reset, or a windows OS deal).

Could run the previous version installer, but don't do the actual install. Let it extract the contents out then stop it when the installer comes up. Unload the driver. Then in the directory you unpacked the installer to, go into:


Grab the ZWaveUSB3* files and copy them to the master server into:


That will overwrite the files of the same name. You could save those same files from there off to somewhere so you can put them back.

Nothing has changed since the last drop that should prevent this from working, though typically you couldn't get away with this. This time it should be OK.

Load the driver again and see how it does.
BTW, if you never did it, it would be worth doing the reset on the Z-Stick I mentioned. Keeping in mind that you should exclude it, reset it, delete the config file to be safe, and re-include it. It's possible that something got scrambled. These guys have presumably some battery backed up memory, so that would remain scrambled even if unplugged and plugged back in.

If it's still whacked, particularly if it's not whacked with the previous driver, let me get back to again and I'll see what I can figure out.
Oops, you also have to delete the locally cached version of the driver, which would be in:


On the machine where the driver is actually loaded. Delete the ZWaveUSB3* files from there, then load the driver. That will force the older versions you copied to the master server above to be downloaded and used.
(05-14-2018, 06:01 PM)Dean Roddey Wrote: [ -> ]Oops, you also have to delete the locally cached version of the driver, which would be in:


On the machine where the driver is actually loaded. Delete the ZWaveUSB3* files from there, then load the driver. That will force the older versions you copied to the master server above to be downloaded and used.
ok I figured out how to get the new driver to stay up.
unpause the new Z-Stick driver
open up a driver and driver client tab.
the driver connects for about 3 seconds before it disconnects every 15-30 seconds.
in that 3 seconds you can disable one Unit.
After about 3 disconnects/connects I can disable units 24 and 25 (locks) and unit 1(master controller).
will get a couple more disconnects then it will stay connected.
Not sure why but seems to need all three disabled before it settles down. ( I think getting as many units into approved state also helped)
If you pause and resume the driver now that you got the two locks disabled, does it come up and stay up from the start? If so, then it's sort of got to be the locks. Something about those guys is seriously confusing the Z-Stick apparently, to the point that the serial port gets whacked. I wonder if they are somehow going crazy and blasting out msgs or something?

You have replicated to the driver since making any changes, right? You have to keep the driver/Z-Stick up to date with any changes or things will get weird.
Do you still have a VRC0P (and associated driver) running? If so, it would be well worth getting rid of that, both the driver, and exclude the VRC0P from the master and then re-include the driver to get it out of the Z-stick.

And of course another good test would be, once it's happy and running well, re-enable one of the locks and see if it goes haywire again? Just one of them at a time to see if it's one particular one, then both if one alone doesn't whack it.
OK no doubt about it... the two locks cause the issue.
They get stuck in GetUnitInfo.

When I do a "Query Unit Info" by hand(when unit is Disabled) I never get the data back. I get this:
The query process failed, you may try again if you wish. the reason was:
Could not get the version for CC ManSpec

both Locks return this. when manually doing a "Query Unit Info"

Once both are "Disabled" driver does not have an issue.
I even re-included the stick from the master. Verified the master controller can lock/unlock with no problems and they have good neibors,  moved both door locks close to the Z-wave stick to rule out bad communications to the locks.
It appears the driver has issues with how the locks respond when it is starting up. 

Once both are "Disabled" driver runs great...
It's got to be something specific to those. I have locks here and Ben has some and we aren't having issues. But I'm guess neither of us have Schlage locks. Tomorrow maybe you can open it up for me again and I can try to see what is going on. It's weird though that it manages to mess up the Z-Stick's serial port. That's what I don't get.