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Full Version: Official 5.3 Beta Discussion Thread
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(04-01-2018, 12:57 PM)Dean Roddey Wrote: [ -> ]If it's required, then this may not work. The driver has no support for that, and probably won't since I don't have any good docs about what that requires.

I just tried to set the "don't make me a SUC" flag on the Z-Stick but I'm not getting a response, so I'm not sure if I can reject it or not.

Ok, IÔÇÖll take a look at the HC2 side - but there appears to be few options for device inclusion. Just options for NWI and secure connection.┬á

If not, I may find myself down another cul de sac :-(
You can always use the Vizia software. It works fine for me, and it works well with the driver.
But doesnÔÇÖt that require using a VRC0P?
No, it uses a Leviton Vizia RF stick. As an experiment, I'm trying the opposite, to check for a SUC when I'm included and if one is not found, to set myself as it. The docs claim, apparently, that it's all handled at the stick level and there's nothing I need to do. So I'll try to just make myself it if there isn't one already, and see what happens with the Vizia master, i.e. if it makes any difference in the inclusion with him.
Ah, ok. Leviton Vizia RF stick might be an option then.

So this would mean ending up with 2 USB sticks integrated with the Zwave network, with the Visia stick as the primary controller? IÔÇÖll research the Leviton software - the HC2 has a wide array of device profiles, which means that all device parameters are exposed in a descriptive, readable format. This is pretty useful for set up and general device management.
You would end up with two sticks. But, that means you can take the Leviton one (the master) around on a laptop or tablet for module maintenance, while the one for the driver remains in place, which would be convenient.
I went through these steps and the devices showed up in CQC. I am thinking that I never fully removed the z-stick from the network.

I've got 1 device, a lock, as ready, 6 devices as WaitDevInfo and 2 devices that say GetName.
So there's apparently still something wrong with getting past GetName. Anyhoo, for the ones that are in WaitDevInfo state, drop down the unit menu and save the device info to a file that is named after the make/model of the unit. Be sure that it's the right make/model. You can assign some generic types to some of those in WaitDevInfo state, to get them working in the meantime, but save the collected info first. Send me those files you save.

Then I can start looking at adding specific support for them. I'll look at the GetName thing again.

I emailed a dump for node 6 to your support address. If I am reading the node tabel correctly in the smartthings dashboard it's an ecolink PIR-ZWAVE2
The Eco Link is already supported, so it can't be that. Oh, I guess the one we currently have support is the PIR 2.5, so presumably yours must be a slightly older version or something.

The file didn't arrive correctly. It came as a .dat file in binary form. The file as saved by the client driver is just a text file, so you can save it with a .txt extension or the one that the file save dialog recommends.