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Full Version: Official 5.3 Beta Discussion Thread
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Ditto. Check Baud rate after resetting device to default.

Wasted  few hours on that one also.
(03-12-2018, 08:18 AM)IVB Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah already did the baud rate a few times. Work is still psycho so I'm content waiting for 5.3 beta. CQC isn't like UDI where defects addressed in  8-12 week cycles and 3+ years to go G/A Smile

The issue I ran into back when I first started with VRC0P was that my USB<->Serial converter was not buffered and so it just flat out didn't work.  Had to find one with a send / receive data buffer in it.

Are you using something like Hyperterm to view the data coming off of the VRC0P to confirm you are getting ASCII text and not gobbil-d-gook due to baud rate or parity miss-alignment between the PC and the VRC0P?
I haven't checked with Hyperterm. But it doesn't work even direct with the GC100 port that works fine elsewhere.

I checked baud rate both via RFIT, GC100, and within CQC. All set to 57600. I didn't try slower, I guess I could do that.
I banged out a bunch more today. It's starting to look like a thing. I went back and reworked some things now that I have a better feeling for the needs of the client interface, and dug in and really worked out the bugs in the communications (some of which were pretty stupid but tricky.) In a couple more days I'll do a little preview video maybe to get some feedback.
(03-12-2018, 06:42 PM)IVB Wrote: [ -> ]I haven't checked with Hyperterm. But it doesn't work even direct with the GC100 port that works fine elsewhere.

I checked baud rate both via RFIT, GC100, and within CQC. All set to 57600. I didn't try slower, I guess I could do that.

The goal is to simplify the I/O down to the lowest level so that you can determine the problem.  Hyperterm or some such terminal app allows easy adjustment of the baud rate & parity settings, then it is a matter of iterating through until you get alignment.  One option is to force a factory reset on the VRC0P to default baud / parity settings and then match hyperterm to that. After that you can adjust baud rate on VRC0P and then adjust Hyperterm to confirm.  You can't change the baud rate on the VRC0P  via terminal program unless the terminal program matches the VRC0P settings.
yeah i already factory reset it once, and used RFIT to ensure it was 57600.

Honestly i'm not terribly worried about it. Work still sucks for another 2-3 weeks, so if there's a 5.3 beta by early to mid April i'll just wait for that and use the zStick.
Still coming along. I got the auto-config dialog done, much nicer than the old one, and I got most of the manual association management dialog done, and just general tightening up. I'll finish the association one tomorrow and then do the manual configuration parameter dialog, and a couple other bits and pieces, and that will be getting pretty close to everything really needed. Other stuff can be done of course. Then I need to do the previously mentioned generic one and two way dimmer and switch handlers.

At that point I can probably go back through the VRC0P device info files and have enough to set up equivalent new device info files for that stuff, plus the new bits I have them them for. The only gotcha is that I don't have manufacturer ids for that old stuff. So maybe it would be better to just get the driver out there and let folks start getting device info dumps for me that I can use to be sure I get the device info files right from.

I think I'm also going to, unlike the VRC0P, store the device info files on the MS and download them. The VRC0P just installs them on each machine. But that makes it a lot twitchier to issue a 'patch' for a device info file. The problem is that you'd have to get the same changes on the machine where the driver runs and on any machine where you run the client side interface, else there would be inconsistencies that could mess things up.

That will require a a bit of extra work in the driver and installation server to support that. But it will be worth it, and not a lot of work really.
I didn't get quite as far today as hoped. I realized I was doing the manual association management wrong, so I had to rework that, but it's now working quite nicely. I've put plenty of warnings about battery powered units, i.e. I've queued these commands up by they aren't going to be sent until it wakes up, or you wake it up.

So, anyhoo, next is manual configuration parameter stuff, which is pretty straightforward. Then get back to the actual option configuration stuff, which isn't a whole lot, then some generic handlers.

Anyhoo, it's not too far away from something previewable.
Whew... I just finished doing my taxes. That actually makes working on a Z-Wave driver seem like light entertainment.
OK, it's getting close now. There's still plenty of details to deal with over time, but there's not a lot more in terms of stuff that needs to be done to get a first look out. I got the unit editing done today, and that seems to be working fine. I added a unit enable/disable in case you want to force a unit out of the picture because it's being annoying or problematic and you don't have time to deal with it right now.

I got my new little C++ driver test harness updated to handle saving driver changes which I'd forgotten about, I need that to test out making changes and saving them. That thing is paying off gigantical-like.

Still haven't done the manual configuration parameter stuff. It's not a lot but I decided to take on the unit editing first since it had more unknowns. I'll get the config parameters tomorrow. I also just realized I've not done the 'tell the what type of unit this is' dialog done yet either, where you manually select those that are not auto-id'd. That's not a lot of work either. So I should be able to get that done tomorrow also, though it is monthly family pig out night, so I'll lose some time to that.

Anyhoo, it's looking good. I'll do a video tomorrow night since I'll be too burned out to do anything serious after getting back from the pig-out and will want to watch a movie. I think you'll be semi-impressed at least. It makes the current one look like the proverbial sticks rubbing together (before they realized you needed two sticks.)