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Full Version: Official 5.3 Beta Discussion Thread
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OK, that must be an issue with the attribute editor. A few of these happened during the 5.x upgrade. That was one of the biggest changes, moving from the old dialog based system to the attribute editor, so there were lots of details.

It's likely that it really is setting it to the right value, but it's reverting to the default upon display. So probably it's OK, and it's just a display issue. Anyway, I'll get it fixed for the next drop.
Within the RIVA system, it will get limited to a minimum of 8 seconds because the overhead in that case is too much. But for editing purposes, it shouldn't be. The only way I could see that happening is if the RIVA mode flag somehow was turned on in the AI, which shouldn't be the case. I'll check it.

I guess it could be an issue with the attribute editor not saving the value appropriately. I'll check that as well.
Ugh... The web server engine sets the RIVA mode flag on the interface engine, because it runs the WebRIVA stuff so it needs the engine to be in that mode. But that engine also gets loaded in the AI, and that is causing the flag to get set. So I need to change that so that the engine doesn't set that flag but the containing application.
I spent the last couple days on the old bulk loader utility. It's not much used, and because things changed so much wrt to the interfaces by which the back end resources are managed, I didn't try to port it initially. But Bryan needs it for his Pluckers systems, so I had to dig in and update it. I have the code written and will test it out tomorrow. I'll probably put up an unofficial drop tomorrow with the recent small fixes and updates. Not enough to justify to a formal release yet but enough that some folks like to get what'd there.
I know you have been up to your neck in locks recently, but what has happened to the idea of progress on the media front? It seems to have dropped off the radar. Are you yet in a position to post a list of what you actually plan to put in 5.3 so we can plan ahead a bit.

The Z-Wave work is still far enough out that I've not bothered to look beyond that, since who knows what will come up by then. And I have some other driver work to do as well. I'll get back to future thoughts here at some point.
I got ready to test the bulk import tool and realized I had never implemented import/export for trig/scheduled events for 5.x either, so I had no way to export any events to test with. So I worked on that today.
I've just about got the import/export stuff done for triggered/scheduled events. It went a bit deeper than I'd thought. And once I got into it I didn't want to limit it to just exporting one at a time so I added support for exporting a scope of them at a time, and to import multiples at a time via the 'Import' menu option. Then I remembered that that means I also, for consistency, need to implement drag and drop for event import since images currently support that.
I've just about gotten the bulk loader guy back going again now. There were quite a lot more issues of this or that type to deal with than even I'd thought. But just about there. My new Z-Stick won't be here for a few more days so I'll get back to the RA2/Caseta client driver and should be able to finish that up in time to be ready to give the Z-Wave stuff another shot.
Just got up to speed on development. I'm sorry to hear Z-wave is being a PITA.. figures.

If I could make request again. A driver or the variables driver to be able to sync selected fields with a separate remote standalone CQC system over a WAN connection. Preferably an encrypted connection. Something that lends itself to repair quickly on disconnects. Allowing me to control one CQC system from another. Ie: control the office from the house or the house from the car. You had mentioned that you might be able to do such a thing without too much effort. Is that still a possibility. I would like to purchase one or two more licenses when this functionality exists.

Thank you for all your hard work Dean!! I don't know what I would do without CQC in my life!!

<3 CQC