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Full Version: Monoprice 8x8 HDMI matrix Driver
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This unit seems to get good reviews. Supports RS232.. Has anyone controlled it from CQC. What are the chances the current Monoprice driver would do it?

Thoughts? The price is right and I need an 8x8. 

Blackbird 4K 8x8 HDMI Matrix
Model #15748
I don't see any protocol doc there on that page. Any idea where it is?
A little more digging and I find that it's a rebrand of this unit by Lindy

8x8 HDMI Matrix 4K60Hz With IR Remote Control
Part No. 38153

This is the protocol spec for the unit. Confirming with Monoprice via email.
That protocol isn't really related to to one for the other Monoprice matrix driver we currently have (5704.) So if that's it it's a completely different sort of thing, though the protocol looks to be very limited so it couldn't be too hard I guess.
Ill order the switch and see if it does the switching part first. Then maybe we could write a driver?
It looks like all it provides for is just a single command to make the input to output connections. That could be done via a simple PDL driver most likely. It would be write only. Well there's a power off/on as well, also write only, but it's probably not something you'd be turning off, right?
No I wouldn't need to turn it off.
So this might be different than the Blackbird 4x4 I requested here 2 weeks or so back, there is also an 8x8 version that is $300 less expensive that does not have the indivdual IR ports, everything else looks the same.  That is other than the fact that the control language is much more straight forward and flexible.

I have my unit installed and on the network.  I can also add a serial port connection if that would make it easier.  Dean, this might be a good side bar distraction for a few days on the zwave stuff...   Smile

Here is the user manual

Let me know if you want me to set up access.

I'm getting a new drop up. Once that's done I'll re-read the docs. Go ahead and port forward it and I'll take a whack at it.
Cool, done! Email sent with details.

Thanks Dean!!!

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