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Full Version: Monoprice 8x8 HDMI matrix Driver
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I sent Ben a first version with power and source switching to test. The protocol is mind-bogglingly bad. Whoever wrong it had not the slightest clue what the purpose of such a thing is. It was so bad I'm feeling motivated to contact them and let them know what a complete failure it is.
Dean I've installed, tested and emailed back feedback. Appears to be 95% there on first whack, nice work!

Forgot to mention in the email that there are 4 comm drops. After the driver initially came up and I did a change power status to on when it was already turned on the driver went off line and came back. Only happened the one time.

BTW, the 8x8 version outputs the status in 2 chunks when issuing the %9975. connection status of inputs and outputs command, 1-4, 5-8. (if you are using this) The Status. command is the same, AV:01-> 01 one line for each output. Here's the manual link, page 17.

The issue that you are addressing for setting 1 input to multiple outputs (2 - n-1) will have more permutations for the 8x8 version.
Oh, this guy is hardwired for 4x4. I'll have to make a model selection prompt or something, and use that to set the number of inputs/outputs.
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