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Full Version: New fanless server? Gigabyte
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Ran across this yesterday:

Very timely as I have a quote from serversdirect for a core i3-6100 rack mount.  Will wait just a little bit longer and see where pricing falls for this one.  Should it be a bit cheaper, I might give up the rack form factor and go with this.  It's tiny enough that I could probably figure out a zip tie or rail clamp system to fix it my rack somehow.

For an automation server, I think I'd want something that has at least one PCI-e expansion slot option. I guess with USB-3 you always have an out, but there's nothing faster and more stable than an internal card.
I guess for my needs I haven't really found the need for one, but your comment is valid. I just happen to have an IP based serial port server that all my stuff hangs off of. Well, that's not quite true. I do have an 8 channel audio card in my current setup that I never fully integrated. It was intended to be the audio out method for my media library via my Nuvo. But instead I've been using Sonos connects instead.