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Full Version: SOLVED: Media System Config Issue
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I'm attempting to configure a "Media System" in the SystemCfg menu.

For Repo, I'm using the CQC MediaRepo.
For Audio I'm using the Nuvo Grand Concerto Driver

For Renderer I installed the Sonos CQC Media Renderer V2

Here's the strange thing... I'm able to select my repo and audio successfully BUT when I click the "..." to select the renderer I'm told I have no devices of that type installed EVEN THOUGH I did in fact install the Sonos renderer.  

Am I being stupid about something or is this a bug?


Do you have a Sonos system attached? If not, you can not use the Sonos renderer.


Hi Dave,

I do have a Sonos ZonePlayer-ZP90 installed but I only use it as a "play to" target for Spotify.




Update: Stopping and starting the system tray services seems to have resolved the issue.  CQC Admin Interface is now recognizing my Sonos ZonePlayer as a Renderer.