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Full Version: Video Widget
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I was at the gym this morning and part of my brain gets devoted to automation and planning what's next.  I was looking at the weather displays there and watching the music videos at the same time and thought that something like that would be good as a display when the screen is not in use and for get-togethers.

SO what I want to do is have a video playing with overlays and or buttons so that say a music video is playing and the room light controls are in front of it.  As we as having transport controls over the playback (skip etc and volume).

From memory there is no way to display video other then say in a web interface - and then ie is pretty picky with formats (just try play a mjpeg in ie).

So is it possible to create a video widget - something very similar to the web widget expect we point it to a video file.  Its also got to support all typical video formats - avi, mp4, mkv.  Can media player be inserted into a widget much like ie is?
I don't know of an embedded video player control like the web browser widget. It might exist but I've not been aware of one. Given the enormous PITA that the web browser widget was, I'm not sure I want to know. But, if one was done, it would definitely be done like the web browser is now, as an external program. Maybe WMP has an embeddable version of itself, I'd have to do some digging.
It's not something I could get into in the short term. Any of those things, which require a COM host, are really hard to do. And of course I'd also have to dig into the whole video control thing and all that as well. So it would be a fairly extensive undertaking.
Just put them there for reference
Dean, as you know I've been asking for a video player widget for some time now. Like a widget that could be easily added to a template that would show video from a IP security camera.
Yes, we need something that can do multiple protocols - rtsp for cameras should be high on the list as well.
I know folks would like one. It's just a big thing to dig into and only so many of those can be done at any given time. And the more things you want it to do, the bigger it'll be to take on.
Dean, I know you're adding a lot of features and capabilities to CQC (5.x rewrite ,Jarvis, auto room config, ...) so more integrators would adopt CQC as their HA system and all of us want that too. But I can't imagine that a new HA integrator would adopt a package that could not easily display security video, a door bell video, a baby monitor, ... To me, it's almost mandatory. We have all had mixed results trying to use a web browser. I'm sure it's not a trivial feature to add but I do think it is something you really need to do.
I agree it's something that should be done. It's just going to be a big thing to bite off. So we have to bite off the other big things at the top of the list first. And of course other folks are screaming for other big bites as as well. So some prioritization will have to happen.
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