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Full Version: itunes error every 5 seconds
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updated to itunes recently.  not sure if that is the cause.  error is Couldn't query the main library source, Error=800706ba from the CQCTrayiTunes thread.

That's a pretty fundamental type of problem, since that's one of the very first things it does. Is there any way you can go back just in case? Also, I guess have you restarted that machine since the upgrade? Changing it in-situ might confuse actively connected programs and a restart might let them get back from scratch. I'd guess you probably have by now, but worth it just in case.

If still having issues, is there any way you can go back on the iTunes version, just to verify that it really seems to be the version change?
ok a second restart fixed it. not sure why.

There may be some COM object cache in Windows or something like that.