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Full Version: How do I keep IP address from changing?
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To the PC gurus out there...

How do I keep my provider (RoadRunner) from changing my IP address all the time? My Echo/IFTTT/Maker Channel goes offline every few months it seems, and I have to reconfigure everything over again to hit the HTTP Trigger driver with the right IP address. Pain in the a$$.

Is there anything I can do I my end to get a static IP from my provider?


You can either get a static IP or you can use a dynamic DNS provider. They will provide you with a DNS name for your home system, and you set up your router (or program on one of your machines if the router doesn't support it) to keep your DNS provider updated with your actual external IP address. They will map you pseudo DNS name to your actual IP address. was recommended to me as a good free DDNS.
znelbok was recommended to me as a good free DDNS.

Thanks Dean and Znelbok for the reco's. I looked at and in the process found Dynu which has a nice application on windows that keeps the IP up to date. All free of course. Nice!!!

Never knew I had this problem until recently.
FYI if you have your own domain, Google Domains has free DDNS.