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Full Version: Managed L3 Switches - Ubiquiti
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Does anyone have any experience with Ubiquiti's L3 capable Edge switches?

In particular I'm wanting to put automation devices, media devices and security cameras / server on separate vlans. Also thinking that I will use fiber interconnects to electrically isolate the network, especially the IP cameras and camera server from the media stuff and the rest of the network. I already have an Edge Router 8Pro with 2 fiber uplink ports.

Also interested in controlling traffic flow for security (ACL on a VLAN) and L3 capable switches should give me visibility into to what devices are talking to each other.

I'm not absolutely set on a Ubiquiti solution but have started down that MFG path with the router and unifi AP so would prefer to keep it consistent.

I'm going to cross post on Cocoontech but thought I would start here...

you don't need L3 to do that.

that said, any EdgeSwitch will get you what you want, just make sure to create your firewall rules to allow cross-traffic from the devices you need.
Okay, just watched an unboxing video and a VLAN how to video by this guy, good stuff... (Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch)

EdgeSwitch Lite

How to configure simple VLANs