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Full Version: User Surveys
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Have you thought about issuing user surveys? If you regularly did this you would have a better pulse on customers wants and needs. It is a pretty standard things that a lot of businesses do.
Problem is, if you did it on-line via this forum, you would only get responses from the techically enthused people who bother to keep looking here. To make it meaningful, you would have to directly e-mail all of the people you have ever licenced. The first question should be

"Are you still using CQC?

If not, why not...." tick box.

I bet you have more people who have paid for a years subscription, but then not continued. Finding out why would be very interesting.

We aren't against doing it of course. Though, folks tend to tell us here on the forum what they want, and there's more room for discussion about the things requested and to get the details of what they really want, and often the devil is in the details.
Two things 1) on the forum you only get a subset of very active users 2) you don't get people not using or actively researching CQC.

Maybe instead send out a survey monkey link every time a license is renewed/not renewed. Also, 60 days after a major feature upgrade (like Alexa) specifically addressing the functionality that was added.
but there are a lot of users who are not interested in the forums and hence there comments are unheard. I know of four systems that the owners have no idea of the forums nor would they be interested in coming here.

But again, these users typically have CQC for a task that has been fulfilled and it is us power users that keep finding new uses for our systems
We could maybe send something out occasionally. I don't want to turn into the "have we asked you in the last five minutes how we can make the product better" type companies, that nags people to the point of being annoying. Most folks, if they have a complaint or requirement, will make it known.