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new iPad, new problems - connection refused
So I went out and got a new iPad in order to make this Riva client work, and I just run into another problem. Sad

Now the connection is completely refused every time. I have verified I have the ports open on the firewall, I have verified I have the RIVA server installed and running and I have verified that the iOS is up to date. Any other recommendations?
If the other RIVA (Window based) RIVA clients are still working, it's pretty much got to be configuration on the client side, since that proves that the back end is there and that they can be gotten to.

I'm not sure what all configuration is available on the RIVA client wrt to connections to the CQC back end. Are you sure that name resolution of the CQC server is working on that new client? I don't if iOS has a 'ping' type program but can you ping the CQC server machine from there?

And when you say refused, you mean that the login doesn't work, or it just fails in some more fundamental way?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
WOOT WOOT! So I did some thread digging, and lots of reading, and I found a way to make the problem initially go away. Optimization was set to high, so I set it to none, allowed all the images to be loaded, then put it back to high. Made a world of difference. I think in the CQC client directions, the programmer should possibly explain the purpose of optimization and how it might interfere with initial loads. Thanks for the prompt reply Dean, as is always the way you roll. As you can tell, this was a busy HA weekend for me. Smile - got my GUI up and running on a client!

Have a great day everyone!



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