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Native amazon echo implementation
Strangely enough, "spaces" rather than "," as delimiters seems to work.  As least the macro runs, even if it does not do what I expected.

You only need to submit it for deployment if it's going to be used by anyone but you, i.e. you want to make it available to other people.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
(07-14-2019, 08:04 AM)pjgregory Wrote: OK, But I will have to find out how to download the skill to my Echo.  Thought you could only do it from the store.

Here is how to test your skill (from one of the link's Nishan provided).  

A note on the how I did the Lambda testing.  After testing the Macro within the AI to make sure it would work as planned,  I would execute the Alexa command into the Echo device, and then if it didn't run properly, I would go to the Monitoring Tab on the Lambda management Console, and take a look at the logs to see why it didn't work.  It's probably best to clear the logs after each debug attempt as there is alot of stuff returned in them.  

Test Your Skill

When your implementation is complete, and you've tested your Lambda function, you can functionally test your smart home skill.

Make sure you have a smart home trigger added and enabled. To check this, go to the Lambda console, select your smart home skill, and make sure you have an Alexa Smart Home trigger.

Sign in to the Alexa app (available on Android, IOS or the web at with the same credentials as your developer account.

Find your skill in the Alexa app. To do this, go to Skills, and tap Your Skills in the upper right corner of the All Skills page. Scroll to DEV SKILLS and find your skill.

Click the ENABLE button to enable the skill, and you will be directed to account-link the skill to a device cloud account. If you are unable to complete account linking, make sure you are using valid credentials for the device cloud. Otherwise, it is likely there is an issue with account-linking information you provided in the developer console. For help with this, see Alexa: Debugging account linking in the developer forums. If you want to remove account linking later, you should disable your skill in the Skills tab.

I finally have a native Alexa Smart Home driver working.  Spent a lot of time yesterday testing all the bits separately, but they would not work together.  I finally found that my dynamic dns was not properly recording changes to my home IP address.  Angry   Fixed that and it all sprang into life.  So after 3-4 days of off and on work, I am finally back to the state I was with the Alexa Hue Simulation driver.

As NishanF said at the start of this thread, it would be a whole lot easier if Dean would take the time to add the capability to auto generate all the various files directly from the AI.  Then at least you would know that all the CQC stuff is correct and located in the right directories.  There is still the whole issue of setting up the Amazon side of things, but who wants an easy life.

Thanks again to NishHanF and others who have provided helpful advice.

I'll put it on the list for the next release.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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