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Elk Counter update
I used to use a modified version on the V1 Elk driver that included an UpdateCounters call.  That version went away, so I reverted to the standard Elk V1 driver.  How do I force a Counter update prior to a read.  The driver currently never updates counters modified by the Elk.
You shouldn't need to do anything. The driver polls the counters, not quickly but it does. I think it's one roughly per second or something, not counting the various other delays involved with polling other things.

There was an error back some time where the method that handled the incoming counter msgs was using the wrong id to field id mapping, but if you are on the current official version that should be well beyond that bug.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I'm on 5.2.11
Reconfigured the driver. Now it works Smile

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