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What would the proper trigger to be for a time or a X min before sundown?
With the Actions, I can set for something to check if it before sunrise or for example a set time. So I can easily write IF its sunday AND its an hour before sunrise then do X. But what would the proper trigger for that be? And is it possible to have the same trigger for two sets of time? For example, I want one action to be an hour before sunrise on Sunday and at 2PM on a Tuesday? Or is it just better to keep it on two separate triggers?

Thank you
For that stuff you want to do scheduled events, not triggered events, I would think. Are you wanting to just do something at those times, or are you only wanting to respond to some trigger on those times?

In terms of the same action, if you have something that's non-trivial enough that you don't want to replicate it, make it a Global Action, then you can invoke that from any other action.

I just realized that global actions aren't really called out in the higher level help content. I'll deal with that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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