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Magic mirror
I just found this thread in the ISY forum...this is a great idea for some of the techies here...

Graphical Home Automation Status
tia, Ron

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oh that looks really cool! I love his idea for the screen behind the mirror!!
I have had this on my to do list for a while now. I thought I got the idea here but since this seems to be a surprise to some, I apologize for not sharing. With the Amazon and Google voice recognition platforms, controlling these things should be remarkably easy now. Personally, I think I'm going to do 2 screens behind the mirror, one for video, one for data which the data one occupying a space along the border so it can stay on without disturbing use of the mirror but provide data while the room is occupied. I do think an occupancy sensor would be necessary to really make this shine and I won't use a camera like some of the magic mirror implementations I've seen.
As an aside, the implementation above is different than the ones I've seen before. The previous ones were bathroom mirrors with data behind them. The idea being that most people spend time in the bathroom when they get up in the morning.

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