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Is it possible to tie in CQC into a third part calendar to drive schedules
I was thinking today about how all the big names are getting into the home automation game. And one of the big things is the predictive behavior.  Would something like this be doable with CQC: Tie it into let's say your google calendar. A couple things would be able to be from this:
  • Can see your calendar from the UI
  • Can have an event based on your calendar. For example, if you have an appointment scheduled at 6am in the morning, CQC would look at certain keywords in the appointment record to know that it is out of the house, and instead of lets say turning on the heat at 7am for your regular wake up time, it would turn it on at 530am.
All this I can see be doable if you manually create a schedule. The beauty would be if it can look at some calendar (preferably one that can be tied into your phone, etc...) and would do things based off of that. If this is doable, then a big plus would be if it can have a different calendar depending on the signed in user into the UI, so multiple members of the family can see the different calendar.

Thank you
There's currently no way to do this. Honestly, I'm not sure if predictive behavior is more than a buzz word at this point. I'm not sure how well it works in practice. And I'd worry about what might happen if we start doing things based on what we think should be done vs. what we have been told to do. For instance, how do we know that you having a scheduled appointment means you are actually home? Maybe you are elsewhere. And of course other family members may still be there so occupancy can't be used to determine that.

It gets messy fast.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
In a perfect world, we would be able to lets say put keywords in the calendar. For example #home, means will be homes #away is away, etc... the programming the understanding of that though would probably be an entire gigantic project in itself.

I neater/easier way would be to have it not be automatic. For example, lets say it downloads your calendar, you can click on a time entry in your calendar, and then there will be a pop up about HVAC or lights, and you can set it to do something at that time. That way you dont have a double entry, such as entering a calendar entry and then browsing into a lighting schedular on CQC and setting the lights. It would basically hot link it.

How about the simple way of getting the calendar just to be displayed? So one can view their/their familys calendar from the GUI?

Thank you
I today found this concept over in regards to homeassistant - and it matches along the lines of what I was saying about using a keyword as an event driver. Is that something that would be doable with CQC? There is also which just displays googles calendar.

Thank you
You can always just embed a web browser widget to show some web page or something like that. So that's always doable.

A generalized calendar mechanism would be a much bigger bit to bite off. It can't be just something for a specific program. We'd have to come up with some sort of general format for calendar data that a driver can convert the native format to and serve up to clients. And that would then require a display widget to display it and allow scrolling around through it and such.

So it's a good bit of effort to do that. Similar sorts of things apply to the other big one along this line, which is TV schedule info. It would have to be done the same way. And would likely have to be pretty configurable as well, which would make it more complex, along the lines of the cover art browser widget, which is quite complex.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thank you. For now, I guess the web widget will have to be what we work with. thank you
If you guys want to pow-wow amongs yourselves and discuss what sort of minimal information and functionality set would be necessary for a useful calendar type scheme, that would go a long way towards making it happen. I'd need to know where I need to get before I started driving.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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