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zWave, how I hate thee. need to redo network
looks like the malwarebytes program asks for a program.What program should I list?
Devices I'm phasing out: ISY, NuVo
My vlogs:
Yeh, it's the 13520 one that you see the net test trying to connect to. It's connecting via IPV6 as you can see in the test. The program is CQCClService.exe.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
ok. Malwarebytes exclusion didn't help. So basically try random stuff until I can make this thing go away:

Testing Client Service...
        Server is registered at MINI-PC.13520
Test failed! Error=
01/01 00:00:00-MINI-PC, CQCNetTest, CQCNetTest
    CIDOrb, CIDOrb_ClientBase.cpp.456, Failed/Not Found, Error: 1006/0/0
    The server at fe80::a85a:71d3:ba43:fca5%12:13520 was not available
Devices I'm phasing out: ISY, NuVo
My vlogs:
Basically yeh. The error clearly indicates that the program cannot get to the address/port combination. But, the program is clearly running as you observed. So the only options are:

1. Something is blocking it
2. Something else is using that port.

The second thing you can do by running netstat like this:

netstat -abn > whatever.txt

What will dump to the file all the open ports and who has them open. You can open that file in notepad or whatever and search for the port number and see what program has it open and what its state is.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I assume you actually have IPV6 enabled on that machine? You are getting an IPV6 address when the local host name is looked up, but that doesn't necessarily mean you haven't disabled ipV6. If you have, then it wouldn't work.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I don't know if this will help - I was suddenly locked out of my Amazon Echo Hue Simulator Driver setup some months ago. I suspected a Windows update at the time, but couldn't be sure as I had some other flaky stuff going on. Anyway, I did the whole reboot all hubs blah blah boring stuff that makes you want to slit your wrists blah blah, including turning off Windows Firewall (both Private and Guest) but no luck. After a few hundred more fruitless attempts, I eventually gave up.

A few months later, doing the same routine, I discovered something which I think is new, or at least works in a new way because I've never had to fiddle with it before when ports have been blocked... a Domain profile under the firewall settings. This does not get affected when you turn the firewall off from the main Firewall window (which only shows Private and Guest options). So I turned it off to test, and viola, my Hue Simulator started working again, oh happy days!!

So - check:

Open Windows Firewall
You will see Private Networks
Guest Networks
Click Advanced Settings on the left

You will then see:
domain profile
private profile
public profile

Try turning the Domain firewall off, and see if it changes anything.

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