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Logic Server Math
i want to perform a math operation on two elapsed time fields, and get a percentage. Is that possible in the Logic Server? if i select a float in the defined fields, it will not allow me to select a time as a source field to perform the operation.  it works fine with local/global variables.
I don't think you can do that with the logic server. You can do it in an action easily enough. But if you want to continuously update a value for display, I don't think there's a good way to do that right now.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Can you point me to the logic server docs? I can't seem to find them.

Specifically I want to do Absolute value and I'm wondering if that function is available...

Thanks -- Bob
All stuff related to actual usage of the tools (including the Admin Interface) is under the /Tools section. So Tools -> Administrative Interface -> Configure. The docs follow the same structure as the tree browser in the AI, and the Logic Server config is under the /Configure part of the tree.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Okay, I found the log server doc. Its in Reference/Drivers/Miscellaneous/LogcSrv

Absolute does not seem to be available, but maybe I'll do SqRoot(%(1) * %(1))...
See my post above. That's where normally you would look for that sort of thing. In this case, it gives some basic info and then redirects you to the driver doc for the Logic Server's associated driver.

I'll put adding an Abs() expression to the list.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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