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If starting fresh, what is the best garage door system to go with to work with CQC?
If starting fresh, what is the best garage door system to go with to work with CQC? That would support position reporting, etc...

Thank you
When you say position reporting are you meaning open and close or position as in any position between open and close.

I don't understand the garage door industry there - why is it so hard. All our door motors have a contact closure to open/stop/close the door - so you just use your alarm panel, lighting system or in my case PLC to control the door.

Better motors have discrete open close stop contacts.

As for position, a reed switch on will tell you its closed, a second will tell you its open. I had one motor with an external display available that I connected into the alarm and got discrete open and close status, but that's an unusual circumstance that is only something like me would do.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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