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WebRiva and vpscale=?

Finally got around to checking this out, and the vpscale does work on Android, but not quite like the documentation shows in 5.3.2, at least from what I can tell.

My templates are 1280 x 768, and I have a Samsung S8, which provides 2,960 x 1,440.  In the documentation is is saying to put 2 if you want the screen adjusted twice as big in each direction.  However I am having to do the opposite - If I put in 0.44, it will adjust the 1280 x 768 templates perfectly on the S8.

Also, if you're using Chrome, you have to turn on airplane mode and save the current URL to the Home Screen if you want an Icon that goes directly to WebRiva and have it show up without the menus.  This has been documented elsewhere, but for whatever reason, if you are connected to the internet, Google won't save the username/pw info.  Once you save it, then turn off airplane mode, and it works great.

In some cases, I think that the starting point is not 1:1, but whatever the default scaling factor is. Often that is 2:1 or 4:1 or so. If it's 4:1, in your case, something around 0.5 would get it back to effectively 2:1. I'll update the verbiage to make that clearer.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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