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CQC HA Build - MikeG
(03-29-2018, 10:22 AM)RichardU Wrote: Thanks so much for posting this. I got into CQC about the same time and have some of the same equipment, e.g. M1G. I haven't implemented the CQC web server yet. Last time I seriously considered it was several years ago. Someone said they would share their config files, but that never happened. Are yours available?

These are the plugins / dockers I'm running on unRAID. I'll be happy to answer anyone's questions about any of them. Also, I find this guy's advice invaluable:

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your comments. I'd be happy to share any config files that would help you out.  To be honest I don't recall doing much to get the CQC web server up and running other than installing it and placing some web documents in the correct folder. I should mention that I'm not opened up outside my LAN as I'm uncertain on just how secure that would be.  Let me know more on what you're looking for and I'll help you out where I can.
  • It does sound like we have very similar setups even down to unRAID.  I have at least 3/4's of those dockers running too!  When i get a chance I am going to look up some of the ones that aren't a match and may bug you about them.  I also found that spaceinvader guys tutorials great!
  • I'd very interested in hearing about how your Serial to Ethernet device works out. I am using a Digi 8 port card with CQC via KVM passthrough to the VM.  Wouldn't mind replacing that and freeing up a USB port.
  • I have 3 video cards passed through right now from unRAID, I think using it as a full desktop replacement would work well. As mentioned I'm loving this VM thing for how easy it is to just make backups of vdisks and switch them in and out when a MS update goes sideways or whatever... My struggle is USB ports and having enough of them to also pass through to VM's.  I've had some luck with a multi-controller USB card, but not perfect.
(03-30-2018, 09:30 PM)kblagron Wrote: I went ahead and decided to stick with the Rain8 .vs. the Elk, as the last thing I want is to fry the Elk with a lightning strike.  

I think that's a wise move for now.  I think there's a company or two that makes a wifi connected set of relays.  Something like that might work in order to give you an air gap and break that lightning path.  I think it was global cache that had one but a small number of relays so may get ridiculous in the cost department if more than 3 zones needed...  That would likely work with JKisk's driver and I think has CQC support.  Of course then you might be just blowing up Global Cache's instead, but at least it's isolated from the rest of the network of things.

I've been a bit concerned about this too, some day I want to look into a cheaper way to optically isolate my elk from the orbit valves.  Maybe a relay turns on an LED which triggers an opto-coupler and turns on a 2nd relay.  That should work...  A quick google search didn't yield anything obvious as a kit although did find a hit on opto isolator relay, but not sure that's what we want.

I'm reporting back that this item is working well as a serial port replacement. Although I got it for $34 and now it's $43. Maybe it will go back down.

Cheers, Richard
My Other web server is Dropbox.
I will get back to you on the docker in UnRaid when I install them again.
tia, Ron

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This is amazing! Very informative and inspiring, especially for a new user. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this...

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