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Vantage Controls Driver for Infusion System
Does anyone have a driver developed for the Vantage System using the InFusion controller?   The current Vantage Q-Link driver in CQC is only a serial driver and uses the old V-Commands.    

The Infusion controller is TCP/IP and uses "Host Commands" (similar to V-Commands).  Example: a button press & release would be ASCII.... BTN <button VID>.  The VID is a Vantage ID number, and everything in Vantage has a VID number; i.e., loads, buttons, programs, thermostats, infra-red, output contacts, etc.

I used a Telnet session connect to the controller IP/port and was able to send... BTN 2765 and hit CR, and the system turned on my light.

Please let me know if there is one already, or if this might be in development.

Not to my knowledge. Do you have the protocol documentation?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
(10-21-2017, 05:40 PM)Dean Roddey Wrote: Not to my knowledge. Do you have the protocol documentation?


Attached is the Vantage Controls, InFusion Tech Note for 3rd Party Integration & Host Commands.  The Vantage system I have today is used for Home Automation and spans several V2 driver classes such as Lighting, Thermostats, Relay's, & Contact Closures, with some device specific commands/queries.  I was hoping this Vantage  driver would be a V2 driver(s) (TCP/IP or Serial) w/ some device specific commands/queries w/ the Client Interface for configuration specifics.  My intent is to keep/use the existing Vantage programming for keypads/buttons, infrared, relay outputs, contact inputs, etc., and use CQQ for the UI's, Voice Control, and further integration of other devices.   I'm nearing end of evaluation period of CQC, and intent is to purchase at min Gold Tier (possibly Diamond), but really need CQC to work w/ my InFusion system.   Is this a"big deal" to create this driver?  


My Vantage Infusion System Today:
Controller - Application FW Version 2.3.65
Keypads – Basement (16), 1st Flr (24), 2nd/3rd Flr (29) = 69 Keypads
Buttons – 509 Physical Buttons or 6,002 logical buttons on Touch Screens  (139 slider widgets)
Accent Point Dimmer Station II – 1 (2 loads)
Contact Input Stations – 11 (11x 10=110 inputs)
Low Voltage Relay Stations – 5 (8x5=40 outputs)
Infra-Red Blaster - IRX II – 1
Thermostats - 8
Loads – 173 lighting (215 w/ relays)
IR Rcv’r – 36 (12- zones)
Programming Tasks – 1,284
3RD Party Integrated into Vantage InFusion
Security - Elk M1 Gold (Enet)
Audio - Marantz AV7005 (Enet)
Projector - JVCDLX9/DLA-HD350 1 (Enet)
Game - Xbox 360 (Infra)
BlueRay/DVD - Samsung BD-D6700 1 (Infra)
VCR - Sony SLV R1000 (Infra)
Some Host Commands I think needed:
STATUS (support all types)

Attached Files
.pdf   Vantage Host Commands Technote Sheet.pdf (Size: 343.77 KB / Downloads: 7)
It wouldn't be trivial, but of course that's the kind of higher end system that we'd like to support. It's not just the driver of course, we have to have a means for you to name the things the driver supports. I don't see any command in there to ask for the names of things, assuming you are able to name in the Vantage system? Maybe GETFIELD perhaps? If we can get the names from the device, we don't have to do the naming stuff in our system, and it saves users a lot of time setting up that mapping. Though, it looks like we'd have to know the ids used in order get information about them. I'm not sure if it's reasonable to just blindly loop through every possible id, so we still might need to provide the name to id mapping file.

There's also an ELDUMP command. Does that provide any coherent form of configuration data that we could parse maybe?

The documentation is very light for such a complex device, so I'm guessing there will be some information that's not there, or not in a way that insures that we deal correctly with all circumstances.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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